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al kanz ver 6.1 with al kanz fonts
now every gadget has al kanz.

  • Apple Mac Support

    On the track of periodic releases for Al Kanz apps, we are overwhelmingly pleased to announce -
    Download it here.

  • Al Kanz for Android

    After the roaring success of iKanz, we are glad to announce Al Kanz for Android. Click for details

  • iPad iPhone App

    Al Kanz team is greatly honoured to announce the in-need iPad and iPhone App as iKanz. Click for details.

As - Salamo Alaikum.

We Darajah Hadiyah Ashara 1426 are proud to launch this Site for distribution and promotion of Al-Kanz software with Raza and Dua Mubarak of Aqa Maula tus so that every Mumin and specially Khidmat Guzars can benefit from this Software. We welcome every comment and suggestion from everyone who are using this program. We are always available for support and help to every person using this software.